Friday, May 8, 2009

Practicum Pictures

Teaching about Breast Cancer in the Health Center
SUCCESSFUL TRASH PICK UP... until they started using it as a weapon!

Tyler and the boys painting the school yard!

Yes, this IS a mountain of trash... lovely right?
Teaching first grade pedestrian safety & playing games outside.


  1. i cannot even comprehend trying to teach first graders! that must have been quite an event. but they look so cute in their little outfits they wear! what kinds of things did the nurses not know about breast cancer? did they mainly have a lot of superstitions about it? any word about coming to the wedding? we miss you!

  2. That is a lot of trash. Was that just there or did you gather it and leave in one neat ol' pile in the middle of a park? That is what we do with our trash. At the end of each month we put it in a different place in one big pile in various parks. Depending on the month of course! It sounds like everything is going well. This is all very good and interesting to read. We miss you and are proud of you! Love you!

  3. ...they look like kids in a thanksgiving play. Dressed like pilgrims. Ha! wHeird!