Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Weeks...

Some of the gang hanging out on our final days in Elbasan
Sofie, Kristine, & I at one of our favorites spots in Elbasan
We’re finally in the homestretch… of training that is! The last two weeks are spent in Elbasan every day, having wrap-up sessions on every aspect of training as well as sessions to prep us for our future in Albania for the next two years. We also had something called PST University (PST U), where both current volunteers and trainees in my group give classes on their areas of expertise. My favorite class was a self defense class taught by two boys in my group, just in case I ever run into a bad situation I feel adequately equipped with some pretty sweet skills to take care of business.

Another part of our final weeks includes a Language Interview (LPI), which is a one-on-one interview with tape recorder included. (If only they had put me in a dark room with a bright light shining in my face I feel that I could have destroyed the test!) Haha- it went as expected though, and needless to say I passed my interview with a high enough level to be sworn-in. =) The language is still hard, but I think I have done really well for myself after 8 weeks of classes!

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