Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FINALLY some pictures!

The socks for around the house my sis in law knitted for me... how pretty!
The bedroom of my current residence

Daryoush, Carrie Ann, Me, & Tyler- sitemates

In case you weren't paying attention to the news... Albania was welcomed into NATO on
Saturday April 4th, and it is kind of a BIG deal!

Sitemates with our teacher Suzana during a quick break

Me with Gjushe (gma), Leta (sis in law), and Dashi (host mom)

Luli my host dad and I

Dyli, me, and Ueda (host bro & sis)

leta, me, and host mom

my house! (carrie ann is on the porch)


  1. Hey Sister! Haha! the Grandma looks kinda funny! But they look nice! Some of that food looks both good and strange. HAHAHA! That house looks quite a ways away from being finished. How often do they work on it? The light there looks very nice! HULK!!!!!

  2. Love the first round of pics and can't wait to see more! Your family is soo cute and the house looks beautiful. I laughed when I FINALLY put a face to the host father stories...haha...oh man, what a trip. I'm glad there are other site mates there with you. I would imagine that helps make the adjustment a little easier...and yet more difficult (if you all are speaking English together). Keep the stories and pics coming. Te quiero mucho mi amoricito :-)

  3. ooo I'm impressed by your fancy house socks. tell her to knit me some. Your fam looks nice...i dont know why but i pictured albanians to look different. hope all is well!