Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PCV Vistit To Lezha!

The first weekend in April we were paired up with a current volunteer (NOTE: I am a "TRAINEE" or PCT until swear-in in June... then I become a "VOLUNTEER" or PCV). So, they chose a volunteer and a city for each one of us and off we went around the entire country of Albania. For four days we got to check out their lives and see how they have managed to make it through their first year. I was sent to Lezha... close to the most northern beach on the west coast. I went with 3 other volunteers in my group but they stayed with other current PCV's. Overall the trip was WELL WORTH IT. I lucked out and had an awesome hostess (Bethany), who showed me around, introduced me to all the people she works with, and gave me a pretty great idea of her life as a volunteer. On that note: I find out FRIDAY where I'll be living come June, so stay tuned for my new home announcement!!

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  1. thats so exciting, i cant wait to here where you will be. of course, i will have to look it up on a map just to find it.... but still!